Oral Sex: instructions for men and women

Loved, hated, desired, oral sex always sparks interest in couples. Some, despite having heard of it, don’t particularly like it. For others, however, it is an essential preliminary to awaken the desire before the “main course”. Still others, especially the more open and uninhibited couples, love to do it in unthinkable places, such as in the car or in the elevator.

When oral sex is performed on a woman, it is called cunnilingus. However, if it is done on a man, it becomes fellatio. Like it or not, this highly erotic practice is at the top of the wish list of most people who love to do it dirty. Especially men, who, not surprisingly, often don’t hesitate to ask their partners.

And not without reason, because oral sex gives them the chance to “be dominated” rather than playing “dominate” all the time. However, despite loving it, some partners make mistakes at the “oral test” and this is why, today, we have decided to reveal all the secrets and give you some advice on this very complicated, but also very pleasant art.

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The watchwords of oral sex: cleanliness and delicacy

Beautiful woman in the bathroom - Oral Sex

Having a clean body and a good smell is important in sex, but it becomes even more crucial in oral sex. Therefore… take care of your private parts! Because even if your partner has seen you in your worst moments, it is more pleasant for him (or her) to lick you after the shower.

Never neglect hygiene, because it is also a form of respect towards your partner.” If you are a man, after using the bathroom, wash your penis with warm water or, if you are unable to do so, use an intimate wipe. Also, if your girl is a little fussy, don’t forget to shave that delicate area too. 

The same goes if you are a woman: take scrupulous care of your hygiene, it will be more pleasant for your man to savor you to the full. The second rule is…delicacy! Even if in that moment the passion can reach very high levels, remember to be delicate (or delicate).

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If you are not when you lick her and play with her vulva, or when you take her penis into your mouth, you could hurt your partner (or your partner). The result? She, or he, will be scared and, next time, will not want to risk having such an unpleasant experience again.

Oral sex: do it, or do it, explode in the sense of the word

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but oral sex, in addition to being a tasty foreplay, can also become a complete sexual act. If you feel like it, use your lips, teeth (with caution!) and tongue to bring it, or bring it, until the peak of pleasure.

A recent study found that  mutual masturbation was very popular among US teenagers a few years ago. 

This is because, in addition to allowing you to gain pleasure without losing your virginity, it avoided other problems, such as an unwanted pregnancy. The same goes for oral sex: if done well, in addition to giving much more pleasure, it is also more stimulating.

For girls and women: how to do amazing fellatio

Natural beauty of multiethnic women - Oral Sex

Do you want to entertain your partner and, at the same time, give him boundless pleasure? Well, the time has come to reveal to you how to do amazing fellatio. The secret is to take his penis as much as possible in your mouth and not to make it explode immediately, but to keep the pressure increasing.

Pass your tongue around the glans, then move your head up and down, delicately, to avoid hurting him with your teeth. If you want to add variation to the theme, while you continue to savor his penis, gently caress his balls. Or, if you feel like daring, put it on pause for a moment, then trace the line between the balls with your tongue: you’ll send it into orbit.

As for swallowing sperm, although all males find it very exciting, if you don’t feel like it, end with masturbation. Or, at the last moment, allow your partner to come on your face or, if you don’t like that either, finish by making him ejaculate into a soft handkerchief.

For boys and men: the secrets of perfect cunnilingus

Happy men at stag party

Girls and women, even “down there”, are a little more complicated than boys, but if you know how to move, you will be able to send your partner to heaven.

To get started, open your labia majora! Then, with your tongue, begin to lick her clitoris or, if you are already expert, take it in your mouth and suck it thoroughly. Feel free to wander here and there, to slide your tongue, to leave it soft or to stiffen it, but remember to always return to the clitoris.

This is the only climax zone of girls and women, and it is also the only one capable of driving them crazy and making them lose control. Always pay attention to your partner’s moans: make sure they are of pleasure and not of pain. If you wish, and if your partner likes it, while you lick her clitoris, “penetrate her with one finger or two”: you will literally make her wet.

Last, but not least: take the time to enjoy

Although some couples find the so-called “quickie” very pleasant, even better if in a place where there is a risk of being discovered, remember this. “Time is the worst enemy of arousal, of sex and, consequently, also of oral sex”.

In fact, there is nothing worse, for a woman or for a man, than being told by your partner to hurry up because they have this or that commitment.

Sexual pleasure, like ecstasy, requires slow timing to be fully savored. Therefore, if time is short, postpone your oral sex session to a time when you are both calm. Any examples? In the evening, after the children have gone to bed (and after you have locked the door to your room), or on Sunday morning.

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