Couple Transgression: trends for transgressing together

Sex is now a topic on everyone’s lips. Rivers of books have been written on this topic and many films have been made that have addressed this topic in a light and entertaining way. But where does the couple transgression fit into all this? Definitely on the sidelines, some would say. In reality this is not the case, and there are valid reasons to support it.

Fortunately, there are surveys that intervene to say whether a trend is widespread or not. And what do they say about transgression? That Italian women feel a particular attraction for this “pushed” way of having sex. Sexual fantasies,  which in the past were exclusive to men, have now manifested themselves among the female sex in large numbers.  

One could talk about transgression ad nauseam or write endless psychological treatises on it to explain the reasons behind this particular sexual fantasy. It exists and it is the only fact. From soft sadomasochism to voyeurism, every woman hides her favorite transgressive fantasy within herself. In this article we will talk about it in great depth.


Couple transgression: a very widespread trend

Couple lying in bed under a white blanket - Couple Transgression

Couple transgression is a topic that creates embarrassment for most people. Many are convinced that couples who transgress are very few, but this is not the case. The surveys on this matter are clear: several women are attracted to transgression, even declaring what they dream of under the sheets. 

There are couples convinced that transgression is the basis of an excellent and exciting intimate life. In fact, if you think about it, what really matters in a relationship is the ability to keep both mystery and interest alive and high. 

There is no doubt that in a couple relationship what really matters is mutual affection and love. However, listening to some surveys, Italian women have something else in mind, especially under the sheets. Indeed, some of them have pushed for preferences that might even surprise the most open-minded people. 

We should now ask ourselves whether women’s erotic fantasies are so disturbing that they cannot be shared even with the closest friends, or whether a woman has ever told her partner her most hidden erotic dream because perhaps he is excessively pushed. 

If so, it’s time to free yourself from these fears. After all, sex is a natural way to give vent to your libido. The time has come to address this topic with extreme tranquility and without mental barriers.

What are the most common transgressions dreamed of by Italian women?

It seems that the trend of recent years has taken on decidedly interesting connotations. If in the past men were the main custodians of the wildest erotic fantasies, now it is women who have taken on this role in the couple’s relationship. What is the couple transgression that women dream of most? In reality, it is not one in particular but several. They will be listed below in order of preference. 

Sadomaso soft

Bdsm aesthetic of woman with side view

Don’t worry, there are no latex masks with zips, whips and anything else: the transgressions that Italian women dream of are only close to sadomasochistic and are much softer.  

Here we are only talking about a simple rope to tie (or handcuffs), in order to create a scenic framework within which there is a dominant partner and a dominated partner. The problem, if anything, is the difficulty of communicating this desire to one’s counterpart. 

Something new

Young beautiful blonde woman eating lollipop

Hearing several women talk about “something new” under the covers raises doubts. What do they mean? You just need to read the survey data to know. In short, instead of having sex in the simplest and most canonical way, considered boring, Italian women and men would like to completely review the sexual act. 

In short, it is simply a matter of trying some practice not yet experimented with your partner, such as a transgressive reinterpretation of oral or anal sex. 

Having sex outdoors

Beautiful couple lying on the grass in the park - Couple Transgression

Having sex outdoors: this is the dream of Italian women. But where? According to a survey, in first place is a public place, followed in order by a restaurant bathroom, a lawn, in the office, on the hood of the car and so on. 

This transgression is not all that unforgiving. After all, it is quite harmless and would be able to give that necessary boost to make a couple’s relationship more energetic and interesting. 

Role-playing games and games with objects: “a couple’s transgression worth trying”

Half view of a woman in bed with a sex toy - Couple Transgression

Women love sex toysrole-playingdressing up and much more. Why this particular predilection? To have a “help” during sex. 

There are still many people who have never owned a sex toy or those who have never thought of dressing up as a famous person and not to have sex. 

There is nothing wrong with seeking help, perhaps in an object that “vibrates” in the right way, since it is something that can be fundamental for sexuality during a relationship. Overall, it’s worth a try. 

The other “transgressive” dreams

Polyamorous couple spending time together in bed

Going deeper into the surveys, you can find transgressions that Italian women certainly find curious but which are unlikely to become part of their sexual life. Particularly coveted are betrayal (at least in their fantasies), couple swappingthreesomes, exhibitionism and voyeurism

In the end, these are always expressed fantasies and it is not certain that the women to whom they belong will then be able to put them into practice. 

Couple transgression: final conclusions

Young woman posing in the office

Anyone who thinks that these fantasies or transgressions indicate the wrong mental/emotional state within a couple’s relationship is wrong. Couples who have been together for a long time, at a certain point in the relationship, look for something that transmits that thrill necessary to keep the intimate relationship healthy and alive. 

Busy women love their partner, but some of them would like to experience the feeling of being single again, which is connected to the possibility of doing what you want. That’s why sometimes a small portion ends up straight into murky situations.

To prevent this from happening, it is better for the male gender to start indulging the transgressive fantasies of the female counterpart.

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