Feminine hygiene: useful tips and products to keep it clean

Feminine hygiene  is essential for health and body care. Women’s private parts are highly sensitive areas and require specific washing and small everyday precautions. Taking care of these parts is an absolutely essential practice to contribute to the prevention of genital disorders. In fact, medical conditions such as cystitis or irritation may occur. 

“ Deodorants and sprays should never be used for intimate hygiene as they can cause redness or allergies ! “. In order for the drying process to be carried out correctly, it must be done in the right way. No rubbing, just swabbing the intimate areas, from which all remaining moisture must be completely eliminated, otherwise germs proliferate. The towel must be clean and used exclusively. 

What products can be used for female intimate hygiene? There are many on the market, but not all of them show particular effectiveness. Additionally, several contain irritating scented substances, which could cause more harm than good. In short, the choice must be made after reading a few reviews. To find out more about this, continue reading this article. 

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Correct feminine hygiene: the rules

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Intimate feminine hygiene is a very simple practice, you just need to know some basic rules. For a flawless one you need a specific detergent and water to clean the external part of the vagina, while for the internal one it cleans perfectly on its own. 

  • 1  – During washing, the vulva area should be carefully cleaned. Then move down towards the anus, avoiding dragging dangerous bacteria from the intestinal area to the urinary area. 
  • 2  – It is not advisable to use deodorants and sprays for intimate hygiene as they could cause allergies or redness, although they manage to eliminate bad odors. 
  • 3  – The drying phase also deserves particular attention, ensuring that no moisture remains in the genital area. Using a clean towel, begin patting your vagina and dry it completely to prevent germs from proliferating. 

How many times a day do you need to wash your vagina?

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Feminine hygiene should be practiced at least once a day to keep microbes away. We are talking, however, about external washing (lips, clitoris, vulva), since the inside of the vagina cleans itself. 

If the heat is intense and the sweating is excessive, you can also wash twice a day, but no more. Furthermore, external washing is recommendable after each sexual intercourse . 

You should never overdo intimate cleansing because the skin could become irritated or dry. Once again it is important to reiterate that the area in question is very delicate and cleaning it excessively could become counterproductive. 

Feminine hygiene: what is the right cleanser?

pH scale diagram

The vagina is the place where the microbes that are part of the bacterial flora proliferate, the balance of which is important to respect. So no disinfectant and irritating products, which are excessively aggressive. 

For example, it would be harmful to use a shower gel instead of a delicate intimate cleanser free of perfume and soap, with a neutral pH and fully respecting the natural acidity of the vagina. These cleaners can usually be found in pharmacies or supermarkets. 

During a woman’s life, the pH of the vagina tends to change often. For this reason, a specific product must be used at each age. During menopause, for example, pH levels are truly optimal, i.e. around 4.5 and 5. Consequently, the risks of infections are greater. 

However, during the fertile age, the pH is slightly acidic. In this case, a detergent capable of maintaining it at these levels should be used, therefore one in which the pH does not exceed level 7.

As for the type of cleanser, it should not be foamy and should instead be rich in active, soothing and hydrating ingredients. It should also have antimicrobial action. 

There are specific products on the market for women who suffer from itching or dehydration of the mucous membranes. In this case it would be advisable to consult a specialist. 

In general, you should avoid cosmetic products that are not specific to sex, such as body cream or oils. However, as regards scented wipes, you can use them sometimes, as long as they are alcohol-free and delicate. 

The intimate cleanser for infections and during pregnancy 

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The intimate areas deserve particular care during the pregnancy period. At this stage feminine hygiene must be daily, despite vaginal changes. 

The period of management involves great bodily changes for a woman. So, in addition to using a specific cream for hips, stomach and breasts, a specific intimate cleanser for this condition is also important.

During the pregnancy period, the vagina becomes an ideal place for infections. In light of this, it seems clear that you need to use an antiseptic cleanser. 

In the event that a pathological condition such as Candida infection occurs, it would be advisable to choose a specific cleanser with a neutral pH or with a natural formulation, such as  tea tree  or  ratania. What is fundamental is the antifungal property of the product and its ability to inhibit the proliferation of the Candida fungus. 

The best feminine hygiene products on sale online

As we have seen, the topic of female intimate hygiene is quite delicate, not only for the area itself, but also for the infections that could occur. For this reason you need to choose the right intimate cleanser. Luckily there are several online, but not all of them are great. Below are the best ones currently on sale. 

Intimate cleanser with 7 medicinal herb extracts – Alkemilla

Intimate cleanser with 7 medicinal herb extracts - Alkemilla | Feminine hygiene

In addition to being an exclusively Made in Italy brand, Alkemilla intimate cleanser is truly excellent because it is  made up of 7 medicinal herbs, including  chamomilerosemary and green tea

This cleanser offers a great refreshing and soothing action and is perfectly suited to daily use, even for sensitive skin. 

The scent is really pleasant, it produces little foam and rinsing is immediate. In short, it is an extremely effective intimate cleanser. The selling price is 9,59 $

Organic mint intimate cleanser – Ekos

Organic mint intimate cleanser - Ekos | Feminine hygiene

The Ekos intimate cleanser, in addition to organic mint, also contains thyme. These ingredients are able to counteract irritation and dryness thanks to their  refreshing and  antiseptic action. Furthermore, the surfactants were obtained from olive oil. 

The detergent has a good, pleasant and fresh scent, with the smell of mint being particularly noticeable. Its soothing action leaves the skin very soft. The product is on sale at the price of 8,24 $

Organic intimate cleanser with pH 4.0 – Greenatural

Organic intimate cleanser with pH 4.0 - Greenatural | Feminine hygiene

Among the different versions of the product, the Green Natural Sensitive Bio intimate cleanser is certainly the best. It is composed of aloe vera, violet and marshmallow and is suitable for very sensitive skin. 

This intimate cleanser is excellent for combating dryness and irritation. It is based on a complex of olive tree and prickly pear extracts and offers a soothing and emollient action. 

It is indicated for women of childbearing age or pregnancy as it offers protective and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. The product is excellent and differs in its different scent. The selling price is 8.05 $

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