Car Sex: the 10 best positions

Raise your hand if you’ve never practiced car sex, that is, sex in a car. Practically no one. It’s often considered exclusive to very young couples who don’t have another quiet place to do it and are forced to hide inside the cramped cabin. Yet there are adult couples who, despite the comfort of their bed, let themselves be swept away by times past.

Why is car sex considered so fantastic? The reasons can be different, but it can safely be said that several couples with young children have no other way to do it in peace. Some also particularly enjoy the thrill of being discovered while having sex in a car to increase excitement. How to have sex inside a car?

There are several positions that can be practiced. Of course, many of those contained in the Kamasutra would be inappropriate and uncomfortable due to obvious lack of space, but there are at least a dozen that can be used just as they are in bed. What are these positions? To find out, it is necessary to continue reading this article carefully.

Why is car sex so fantastic?

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Many thought that car sex is the exclusive prerogative of young people only, forced to manage as best they can because they still live with their parents and have no other quiet place to have sex. However, there are several couples who find sex in a car fantastic.

Here are the reasons why sex in a car is considered as such:

  • It makes one feel a bit more nostalgic as one goes back to adolescence when a car was the point of reference. And even if it’s something never tried before, there’s nothing more fun than trying it now for the first time.
  • The thrill of potentially being discovered makes it more exciting. Now that one is no longer a teenager, the stakes are even higher.
  • For those with small children, it might be the only option to enjoy a sexy moment with their partner. So why not?

The ten best car sex positions

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Once decided to have sex in a car, one must know the most comfortable positions that guarantee maximum sexual satisfaction, as well as being able to lead to the focal point of sex: orgasm. What are they? Does the car model matter? The positions are different, but not all are comfortable or able to express feelings such as passion and libido to the fullest. The car model? It matters little. Below, the “10 best positions” to absolutely try.

1 – Spooning position on the back seat

This position works great in the car on the back seat. If possible, first fold the seats, then have your partner lie down on one side and slide into a spooning position on top of them.

The man can caress the woman’s breasts, while she can pleasure herself with her fingers; in this position, she can also benefit from direct clitoral stimulation.

2 – Doggy style on the back seat

For those who love to be exhibitionists, there is no reason why they shouldn’t try the doggy style position on the back seat. Doggy style is one of the best positions simply because its rawness makes it exciting.

In this position, the woman is on all fours on the back seat while the man is behind. Make sure to stay close to the edge of the seat and have the partner get into a squatting position.

3 – Missionary on the back seat

Some say the missionary position is boring. However, it has so many variations that it becomes boring only if one is not imaginative enough.

To use this position, the woman must lie down on the back seat and place her legs over her partner’s shoulders, who penetrates the vagina slowly while keeping the legs raised. Alternatively, you can fold the front seat.

4 – Cowgirl – “the classic car sex position”

As for positions, the “cowgirl” one is a classic of sex. In fact, to have sex in this position, the man must sit on the front or back seat. For more compact cars, move to the back seat for more space.

Then, the woman climbs onto her partner’s lap and straddles him while slowly sliding into position. She can wrap her arms around his back, lean back, or rest them on the glove compartment.

5 – Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is an excellent sitting sex position to try. How to do it? Have your partner sit on the passenger seat. Then, the woman rides him in the same position as cowgirl, except she is facing the other way.

Put your hands on his lap to support yourself. You can also lean slightly forward and use the glove compartment for extra support. Alternatively, you can lean backward to have more contact with your partner.

6 – Blowjob in the car

Blowjob in the car is a fairly simple maneuver to do: the partner sits in the driver’s seat while the woman is on the passenger seat. Then she just has to bend her torso and lower her head towards the penis.

7 – Yab Yum

If you’re looking for a deep mental connection, Yab Yum from tantric sex is the ideal position. To practice this car sex, the man must sit on the passenger seat in a lotus position, while the woman sits on his lap wrapping her legs around his back. Both partners embrace each other and use slow hip movements.

8 – Spider position on the back seat – “Ranked as one of the most fun car sex positions for both”

The spider position on the back seat is a fun position. How to do it? Sit on the back seat with your arms behind your body for support. Then, ask your partner to mirror the position by standing in front. Get close so that your hips are between his legs. Bend your knees and synchronize hip movement.

9 – Scissoring on the back seat

Scissoring on the back seat is a perfect position for women who love deep penetration. To use this position, the woman must lie on her side and have her partner sit on his knees in front of her feet.

Then she must raise her hips so that she can slide one leg under him. The top of the leg goes over the hip.

10 – Back hug on the back seat

Having sex in a car can be a big problem. Fortunately, this “back hug” position is rather discreet. It almost looks like the two partners are casually hugging. How to do it? Have your partner sit behind on the back seat and slide onto his lap. Make sure to rest both arms on the seat as support. You can also lean slightly backward to maximize closeness.

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