Which tights to choose in summer: 3 products

Tights are much more than an accessory for a woman. But if in winter we don’t dare doubt their importance, in summer the dilemma arises: yes socks or no socks? The myth that you don’t wear tights in the summer has now been debunked! Tights are fine in summer, the important thing is to know  which tights to choose in summer  based on your needs.

There is a “stocking etiquette” which identifies occasions in which tights are absolutely required and almost obligatory, whether it is summer or not. Choosing summer tights is increasingly easier thanks to Ebay, which offers us all kinds, colourful, suitable for any summer shoe, you just need to know how to search.

Tights in summer, fashion takes a U-turn

Partial view of woman's legs with elegant high heels - Which tights to choose in summer

If until a few years ago the catwalks offered us bare-leg winter dresses, now, with a U-turn, they suggest that 8/20 denier tights, light and at the same time very feminine, are a must. “Tights have always had the power to give women’s legs self-confidence during their outings, as well as making the silhouette more long-limbed and slender in the eyes of others .” 

But which tights to choose in summer? If we have some small imperfections to hide, we will choose opaque summer tights. If we want to make a summer outfit much more daring and sexy we will choose fishnet stockings, preferably in the evening. Be careful because this type of tights is not suitable for all occasions and above all it is not necessarily less warm than other types. 

The most popular are the sheer flesh-coloured tights, also considered necessary for good manners. Tights represent femininity in its pure state and, whether for etiquette or to cover imperfections, on the occasions that stocking etiquette requires, they can also be worn in summer.

In Italy we don’t have particularly strict “rules”, on the contrary, the bare leg is welcome, unless it is a formal occasion. In the professional sphere, some international companies are more permissive regarding dress code for Italian offices, and allow bare legs in the office. To get an idea, let’s look at our female politicians and compare them with English or German ones: Italian women have a decidedly more feminine and elegant look. 

Tights for brides, unless you are getting married on the beach, are almost obligatory, and sometimes they evolve into hold-ups, which are decidedly sexier. Tights remain a mandatory “choice” even for women who wear a uniform.

Sock etiquette

There is a “stocking etiquette“, according to which tights are not just a choice in summer, but almost a “duty”. Galas and ceremonies in general require stockings; in church, you should always wear tights, especially if you are the bride. The new generations have completely abolished flesh-colored tights, while etiquette considers them excellent for evening out the leg and giving a more elegant and sophisticated touch to our outfit.

Which tights are best suited for summer

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Since tights are cleared throughout the year, let’s see which ones to choose in the summer. If we have no obvious blemishes, 8 or 10 denier will be a possible choice, otherwise something more covering like a 20 or 40 denier.

During the day it is better to choose natural colored tights leaving the sheer black one for the evening. When we choose summer tights we evaluate the color based on our complexion, one piece of advice is not to opt for an effect that is neither too tanned nor too light. 

When we think of tights in summer, the horrifying scene of a beautiful sandal with the seam of the tights evident immediately comes to mind.

No fear! The summer socks have absolutely no seams on the toes and are suitable for wearing flip-flops. A real solution when thinking about a wedding in early June, when our tan is not particularly evident and we don’t yet feel ready to leave our legs uncovered.

Which tights to choose in summer: the 3 products you should consider

Finding summer tights is no longer an impossible task. It will be very easy to find them in assortment in shops specializing in underwear, or even in large-scale retail trade, which are always super stocked to meet the numerous requests at any time of the year. And then, obviously, there is Ebay which, even as regards summer tights, provides us with a very wide range, giving us the possibility to choose the one that best suits our needs. Here is a small selection of summer tights from Ebay…

Opaque Tights for flip flops (Bellissima)

Opaque Tights for flip flops (Bellissima)

The Bellissima opaque flip-flop pantyhose, 8 DEN, is  completely invisible and hides every skin imperfection very well. Its peculiarity is that it is  suitable for sandals and flip-flops! A real pantyhose revolution. The toes will be uncovered and you will not notice any pantyhose on our feet. The price is around (4,84 $).

Summer Tights Natural Tanned Effect (CALZITALY )

Summer Tights Natural Tanned Effect (CALZITALY )

The Calzitaly natural tanned effect summer tights are very sheer, 8 denier, fresh and ideal for our summer days or evenings. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing them!  

They have flat seams, a bare toe and a cotton gusset to ensure maximum comfort with all types of sandals. We find them in light natural and natural copper colors and are suitable for every skin type, from the palest to the most tanned. The price is approximately (52.16 $).


SUNFRESH summer tights (GOLDENLADY) - Which tights to choose in summer

The Goldenlady Sunfresh summer tights, 10 DEN, are ideal for giving our legs a natural tanned effect that will hide any defects. It is an elastic and sheer tights, breathable and lightweight. It has very thin stitching, invisible toes and is suitable for any type of summer footwear. The legs appear uniform and slender. The price is around (16.00 $).

Generally speaking, therefore, in summer we will choose ultra-sheer tights in Lycra or silk, made with high quality yarns that adapt very well to any summer outfit and dress the legs perfectly, making them slender. and they are ideal for those who do not want to completely uncover themselves in summer.

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