Where to find licensed adult videos

There are many adult sites out there, but only a few of them are truly trustworthy and personally owned. What is meant by personal property? It means that the site administrator has preferred to identify where to find licensed adult videos on Google so that they can purchase them, rather than affiliate with platforms such as  Hubtraffic  and  Tubecorporate : thus obtaining the possibility of increasing authority towards himself, the users and search engines. 

Today, many users from all over the world prefer to create a porn site by hosting affiliate videos from Pornhub,  Youporn, xHamster and others, since it is the simplest maneuver to do and does not require enough investment. Further on, you will discover that the bounce rate to their site has increased in percentage, which Google doesn’t like, due to the clicks that push users to go directly to the original site.  

If your aim is to have a fully-fledged personalized adult site… Then you should consider reading this guide we have created for you! In the paragraphs below, we will reveal the best adult content distribution companies you can rely on, which include (Photos , Videos and Licensed Video/Photo Packages for all available categories). We wish you happy reading… 


Difference between affiliate and licensed porn site

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The differences between an affiliated porn site and a licensed one are many.  

Some examples which concern, precisely, sites created to host affiliate videos coming from adult sites already advanced on search engines such as (Pornhub, xHamster, Youporn, Redtube, XTube and Tube8), easily exportable after creating an account on Hubtraffic or Tubecorporate, they are the following… 

Cons (Affiliate Videos):

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  • 1 – Logo of the original “clickable” site present in every video you host. 
  • 2 – You cannot do SEO, since you have to respect the title of the video in question.  
  • 3 – When the user clicks to stop the video, a mass of related videos will be shown overlays, causing the user to leave your site and then go to the original site. “Indicates a greater percentage of your bounce rate”.  
  • 4 – If a video was deleted from the original site, or no longer present on their server, your video would also stop working; causing loss of monthly traffic coming from that video and double work for you to locate it and, therefore, restore it later.  

These are small disadvantages that you will have to live with every day, but we can assure you that they are larger than the 4 mentioned above!  

Benefits (Licensed Video)

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  • 1 – You can do SEO in all its forms, inserting a title that best suits the video, following your optimal preferences for the most searched keywords .  
  • 2 – You will be able to insert your personalized logo at the bottom or above the video, demonstrating to users that the video actually belongs to you and not to someone else. “Indicates greater user trust towards you and your brand”.  
  • 3 – It allows you to monetize videos, with the best advertising companies for adult sites, and earn more from views “without additional costs or commissions”.  
  • 4 – You will be able to customize each segment of your site, and each video, to your liking, making it customizable according to your expectations.  

Now, without too much complication, we want to reveal to you the best licensed adult video distribution platforms for your adult website. We can assure you that after a few months/year, you will be able to demonstrate to the competition that you are one of a kind, and above all… Get more traffic from search engines.  

Where to find licensed adult videos online

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There are several distribution platforms on the web, where you can find adult videos licensed for your website. Most of them are not Italian, but foreign. In fact, you would hardly come across an article that talks about these distribution sites if you searched on Google for this exact keyword or other related ones.  

We have had the opportunity to do an in-depth search on the web, and we can assure you that after you have purchased a single video from one of them, it will be sent to you directly via email including the video author’s license (in text and photo), which will help you maintain all the rules of what should be a 100% reliable and safe adult site.

“The same thing also applies to all the other video/photo packages that you want to purchase to insert them on your adult site”.  

Licensed adult video mailing list 

Video section of the AFSC (Adult Film Star Content) website - Where to find licensed adult videos
  • Redbriges: in this company you can choose to purchase photos, HD videos, DV videos and video/photo packages distributed under license at an economical price.  
  • 1-content: distribution of photos and videos in (3DVR) format.  
  • AFSC (Adult Film Star Content): the best adult content distribution company, as the cost for each package is the cheapest possible and includes several videos and photos “all in one”.  
  • Weshoot Adult: photos, HD videos, 4k videos and “filterable by any category” packages.  
  • Amazing Content: includes several photo and video packages in HD or SD.  
  • HQ Cont: photos, 2D video, 3D video, 4K video and photo/video packages filterable based on the reference niche.  
  • Kemacostudio: Full HD scenes, Webcams, Video strips, sexy photos and packages of the most famous pornstars.  
  • Video Bunch: photo sets, video scenes in HD and DVD in high quality.  
  • Adult Labs: video distribution company, photos and HD packages with new models always arriving.  

Final thoughts 

Creating your own personalized adult site represents a fundamental element for those who want to maintain their authority and thus achieve success over time. It obviously requires a larger investment on your part to be able to fully complete, and this could take months, or perhaps even years of work. 

However, this will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and maintain the authority of your videos and website. In short: if someone decides to download your video to upload it to their adult site “without your permission”, you may decide to take legal action, since you are the main owner of it and can prove it.  

“Don’t rely on affiliations, they won’t get you anywhere, but instead let others affiliate with you. This way, any profit you make will be all yours! “

If you want to have a porn site that really works “over time” and earn money by uploading videos in complete autonomy and safety, the advice described in this article is the best solution you should adopt… Time, then, will give you confirmation! 

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